A Massive Miniatures Group Show

July 31st – August 31st
No 9 Turnpin Lane
London SE10 9JA

Throughout the month of August the Ben Oakley Gallery will host an impressive display from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, number of artists whom either specialise in miniatures or have created limited one off small scale works for the show. Over 30 artists will be accommodating the gallery space, which include:

Hannah Adamaszek,
Dillon Akehurst, 
David Bray
, Pam Glew,
 Ray Richardson, 
Stuart Fortune,
 Aiste G, 
 Gonny Van Hulst,
 Rob Reed,
 Soft Wax, Yvonne Wayling,
 Ben Oakley
, Claire Swindale,
 Shirley Falconi
, Jimmy South,
 Carlos Martyn, Burgos,
 Carne Griffiths,
 Guy Denning
, John McCarthy,
 Ben Murphy,
 Everett Jaime, Blair Zaye
, Fret
 Matteo Giuntini,
 Mark Melvin,
 Barry Bish,
 Vanessa Lonchamp,
 Michael Newson,
 Airborne Mark,
 Claire Parsons,
 Orli Ivanov, 
Nikki Hill Smith, 
Jon Mortimer
, Lucy Sparrow, Eddy Suleyman,
 Hedley Roberts,
 Lewis Bannister,
 Becca Smith
, Ben Naz, Rowan Newton, 
Rugman Mobot.

for information on this show and other exhibitions at the B.O.G visit: benoakleygallery.com

**Featured in this exhibition are two new small scale paintings adding the to ‘The Allotments’ collection. Along with these new paintings are also 5, limited painted postcard reproductions of paintings from ‘the great escape’.

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